Georgia is our first bicolor girl. We got her at 12 weeks old from Przytulanka*PL. She’s a fussy eater, so is still quite small. She should grow into a medium-sized, stocky girl with a very cute, light seal bicolor pattern.

Georgia is possibly the smartest and most curious of our ragdolls. She very quickly acclimatised to her new environment and was desperate to get out of isolation and explore her new world. She’s quick to hiss at the other cats and dogs when they get too “playful” with her, as out pomeranians are prone to do (they love ragdolls) but is never aggressive.

Georgia’s also the most people-oriented of out ragdolls. While most of the others are happy to play amongst themselves and sleep anywhere warm, Georgia hunts down the closest human and makes sure they’re always in eye sight. She just loves people.


 Full Name  GEORGIA Przytulanka*PL
 Colour  RAG n 03 – Seal bicolor
 Birth date  26th September 2016
 Registration number  (PL)FPL LO 107955


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Georgia Przytulanka