Apple Pie

Apple Pie is the sole girl from Figa’s “A” litter. It was always our plan to keep the best female, and we’re so lucky that Apple’s almost perfect. She has an adorable mark on his lip, with one side being seal and the other white, which really sets her apart from the other cats. She’s stocky, like her dam, and has lush, thick fur, like her sire. She’s also really cute.

Apple’s already best friends with her brother, Big Blue. They love playing and napping together, almost to the exclusion of the other cats. It comes from having always been together.

We have really high hopes for Apple has she looks amazing and her personality is just so sweet that Alicja simply wouldn’t let us forever-home her.


 Full Name  Apple Charny Las*PL
 Colour  RAG n 04- Seal mitted
 Birth date  15th August 2016
 Registration number  (PL)FPL LO 105770
 Microchip number  932002000544814

Funny story: We applied for her pedigree name to be “Apple Pie”, but someone made a mistake when processing the form and her certificate says only “Apple”. It’s not worth the hassle of requesting they change it, so it’ll stay Apple, but to us she’ll always be Apple Pie.



Click here to see the original pedigree document. Below is a table version with photos and links to the cats and catteries (all where available).

Working on it 🙂



Apple Pie (ragdoll litter “A”)