Alabaster Blu

When Figa gave birth to her “A” litter, we were only planning on keeping Apple Pie, but Big Blue was just so perfect, we couldn’t let him go.

When Big Blue was born, we randomly assigned him the blue neck band, so his first “name” was Blue, or “the blue kitten”. He then grew faster than his 4 brothers and it changed to Big Blue. Even after he turned out to be seal mitted, the name stuck. His pedigree name is Alabaster Blu, but I don’t think any of us have ever called him that.

Big Blue is the spitting image of his champion father, Casper. Maybe his face is a bit cuter, but it could just be that he’s younger. He’s still very white, like Casper, probably because he enjoys eating so much, which keeps his body temperature up. Or it’s genetics. It’s probably genetics 😛

Big Blue’s pedigree is excellent, his colour, pattern and conformation are near perfect and his personality is great (just don’t ask for my wife’s opinion) so we have high hopes that he’ll be an excellent boy to base our future line on. He’s really quiet and docile. He loves me (Raymond) but prefers to lay, leaning against something, and doze, looking gracious in the process. He never uses his claws or teeth in aggression and is always OK with being picked up and carried. He’s not much of a lap cat, but I don’t mind.



 Full Name  Alabaster Blu Charny Las*PL
 Colour  RAG n 04 – Seal mitted
 Birth date  15th August 2016
 Registration number  (PL)FPL LO 105771
 Microchip number  932002000544807



Click here to see the original pedigree document. Below is a table version with photos and links to the cats and catteries (all where available).

Working on it 🙂



Alabaster Blu (ragdoll litter “A”)