Our Ragdolls

We currently have two female ragdolls. Soon, however, our family will grow by another kitten.


Figa came to us from the Hold Me *PL cattery in September 2015 at the age of 12 weeks. We thank Mrs. Monika Drapiński-Zbrzeźniak for such a wonderful cat 🙂

Figa is a very mild-mannered, extremely brave, curious and majestic cat. She loves to pretend to be aloof, but participates in the events of the household (because she also doesn’t like being alone). She loves playing with all sorts of toys and teasing her non-sister, Dalie.  She follow us everywhere and “helps” us around the home, mostly by getting in my way and rubbing up against my legs while I’m doing anything in the kitchen.

As a kitten, she was completely obsessed with food (this is how ragdolls get so big), but now that she’s a year old, she’s calmed right down and only wants a tummy or neck scratch or the occasional treat. She always greets us at the door, even if you just pop out for a quick shopping trip.

Figa 08

For more information about Figa, and her pedigree chart, check here.



We went all the way to the Bandini *CZ cattery in the Czech Republic for Dalie back in December 2015 when she was 13 weeks old. She’s a lovable kitty who loves to be hugged and scratched under her chin.  All ragdolls have blue eyes, but Dalie’s are an amazing, deep blue.

As with Figa, she follows us around the house and “helps” with chores. Her favourite past-time is sleeping on the kitchen table while someone is working at their laptop. She likes to be close to people. While Figa independently wanders off to her scratching tree at night, Dalie loves to sleep under the covers and often sneaks up on us 🙂

Dalie 07

For more information about Dalie, and her pedigree chart, check here.