Our puppies and kittens come with a FCI / FIFe pedigree / “metryka”, a starter kit of food and bedding, as well as a “manual” 🙂 They are fully socialised with people and other animals. The kittens are trained to use a litter box and scratching post. They are also accustomed to the various sounds of daily life such as the TV, dogs barking, children playing and the dreaded vacuum cleaner 🙂

W currently have 5 amazing kittens with Dalie Asi Bandini*CZ and Toadie. They were born on 15th August 2016 and they’re developing very quickly. There’s a complete mix of colours and patterns. Something for everyone. They will be ready for pick-up maybe as early as Feb 17th 2017.

Toadie   glossy-heart   Dalie 03   Dalie 07

Our Plans

We’ll have to wait and see how Daile fares with her current litter, but if all continues to go well, we’d like to find a good tomcat for her somewhere between March and June of 2017. this all depends on Dalie, as her welfare is the most important factor.

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Kasi had 3 puppies back in June of 2016 and is now fully recovered and playing in the garden. We’re planning on mating her again in either spring or Autumn of 2017. To be honest, we got such good results from Harry Heartbreaker that I can’t imagine we’ll go anywhere else.

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Our newest pomeranian is the truly amazing Sweeta. We’re not looking to mate her any time soon, but may consider her ready around the end of 2017. Keep an eye out for Sweeta’s possible debut 🙂

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Figa is a natural mother. She’s literally perfect. She’s nurturing and protective but tolerant and forgiving to both her kittens and our dogs, which are totally in love with them all. We had a gorgeous litter with Casper in 2016 and went back to him in late 2016 for a second litter. We may go back to him for a third time in 2017 – he’s a proven tomcat with a great personality and an impeccable pedigree. I’m still thinking of finding a blue colorpoint/mitted/bicolor tomcat for her though.

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Charny Las has been a very lucky kennel & cattery to date. We put it down to both luck and making the right choices – both ethical and strategic. One of the best things to happen is that we got Big Blue (actually, Alabaster Blu, and he’s seal mitted, not even remotely blue) from our first mating of Figa with Casper. Big Blue is an excellent example of what happens when you breed for quality, not numbers or profit. With such an amazing tomcat (he’s only 10 weeks old in the first picture below, and not “prepared” for the photo in any way), you simply have to keep him.

He’s still far too young for us to consider mating him, but we’re eagerly looking forward to the time, close to the end of 2017, when we can start to look to furthering his line. Dalie is an obvious choice, and probably our seal bicolor girl, Georgia, too. Keep an eye out for news of Big Blue’s exploits.

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