Nasze Mioty

Ragdoll Miot “A”

Figa 11   glossy-heart   

 Queen  FIGA Hold Me*PL
 Tomcat  ICH CASPER Koci Szarm*PL
 Date of Birth  15th August 2016
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status
 Apple Pie  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Available
 Alabaster Blu  ♂ Male  Seal mitted  Cattery  Retained at Charny Las
 Addicted to Love  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Reserved – Monika / Weronika
 Andromeda Nights  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Reserved – Dorota
 Alpine Milkshake  ♂ Male  Seal mitted  Pet  Reserved – Agata Jokiel
 Ambassador Grey  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Reserved – Rafał

Pomeranian Miot “A”

Kasi 02   glossy-heart   

 Dam  KASI Gingers Happiness
 Sire  “Harry” HEARTBREAKER Fantazja Szpic-Moll (FCI)
 Date of Birth  Friday June  10th 2016
 Name  Gender  Colour  Role  Status
 Allison Wonderdog  ♀ Female  Orange  Kennel  Retained at Charny Las
 August Dur-Play  ♂ Male  Orange / cream  Pet  Forever-homed: Vivian
 Adeline Fairy Tail  ♀ Female  Orange / sable  Available