Here you’ll find far too many happy snaps of our cheerful brood 🙂

Our Chihuahuas

Our extended family started with a pair of Chihuahuas named Daisy and Chutney. Both dogs are sterilised and are our beloved home “mascots.”

Daisy it our smallest and most “pathetic” guard dog 🙂 She’s the smallest but has the strongest character. She can subdue dogs the size of a German shepherd by sheer force of her personality. Daisy is a very energetic dog she’s quick like a torpedo. She’d play fetch all day if anyone could keep up with her. She’s also really easy to train – we sometimes teach her new commands in an afternoon. Of course, she “forgets” them as soon as she can 😛



Chutney is a sweetest and most caring chihuahua we know. His heart is easy to steal by offering him a delicious treat [anything edible] 🙂 Chutney is a sort of “glue” in our herd, all animals, both cats and dogs love him. Chut is [supposedly] my favorite – or so says Paulina.