At Charny Las, we’re contactable via just about any method you care to name – within reason. Please take note of the time when calling.

Phone (English)

+48 663 277 481
Please be courteous and call at a reasonable time. For us, that's any time between 8am and 10pm when we're not at work, being lazy or otherwise busy 😛
Phone (Polish)

+48 600 671 673

If you're not very comfortable in English, you're welcome to talk to us in Polish too.
Unlike most kennels and catteries in Poland, we're happy to receive and reply to emails. Feel free to email to introduce yourself, or ask a question, any time.

SkypeCall SkypeVideo SkypeChatOr add us manually: CharnyLas

We primarily use Skype for video chats so you can see our puppies and kittens before you decide to come and visit them. It's also handy to save you money on long-distance calls.

WhatsApp needs us to be in your Contact List to call or start chats, so add us now: +48 663 277 481.

Now start a WhatsApp chat.

Our WhatsApp will usually be unattended, but if you'd like to call or start a chat, drop us a line. We'll get back to you when we have a chance.

Add us to Viber to call or chat with us from there: +48 663 277 481.

Our Viber will also usually be unattended, but we'll get back to you when we have a chance.

QQ is one of the most popular chat / messaging apps in the world, which no-one's ever heard of. Scan our QR code using QQ on your phone to contact us.
Note: Our chat services are usually inactive while we're out doing other things. Feel free to send us a message anyway and we'll reply when we notice it, or contact us via another method first and we'll turn it on for you at a convenient time for us all.
Facebook is where we boast about our gorgeous puppies and kittens, but you can also use it to send us messages, directly from the Charny Las page. We'll reply to those ASAP, just like emails.
You can also scan the code on the right with the Facebook Messenger app on your phone to find and message us directly.
Twitter is mostly just for fun, and to share more cute pics. If you really want to, you're welcome to tweet us to say hi. We will respond.