Pomeranian Litter “B”

On the 3th of August 2017 we welcomed another puppy into the world from the illicit liaison between Kasi Gingers Happiness and, this time, BLACK BIS Fantazja Szpic-Moll. He's a really sweet dog with a very pretty colour.

   glossy-heart   Kasi 02

♀ Bebe Rexha

Bebe's name started out as a joke actually. The real Bebe Rexha (the American/Macedonian/Albanian singer) was on 4FUN TV singing something or other and Paulina suggested the name "Bibi" and I assumed she meant Bebe. The joke stuck because each of us thought the other was actually serious.  The rest is, as they say, fate.

Beyond Bebe, we also call her Hippo. Being a singleton, she gets all of her mother's attention and milk. She's a rolly-polly puppy that's gaining weight prodigiously.


Under Construction

Bianca Snowflake

Bianca is the newest addition to our ragdoll family. She is Dalie’s first daughter.


Georgia is our first bicolor girl. We got her at 12 weeks old from Przytulanka*PL. She’s a fussy eater, so is still quite small. She should grow into a medium-sized, stocky girl with a very cute, light seal bicolor pattern.

Georgia is possibly the smartest and most curious of our ragdolls. She very quickly acclimatised to her new environment and was desperate to get out of isolation and explore her new world. She’s quick to hiss at the other cats and dogs when they get too “playful” with her, as out pomeranians are prone to do (they love ragdolls) but is never aggressive.

Georgia’s also the most people-oriented of out ragdolls. While most of the others are happy to play amongst themselves and sleep anywhere warm, Georgia hunts down the closest human and makes sure they’re always in eye sight. She just loves people.


 Full Name  GEORGIA Przytulanka*PL
 Colour  RAG n 03 – Seal bicolor
 Birth date  26th September 2016
 Registration number  (PL)FPL LO 107955


Click here to see the original pedigree document. Below is a table version with photos and links to the cats and catteries (all where available).
I’m working on it 😛



Georgia Przytulanka

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is the sole girl from Figa’s “A” litter. It was always our plan to keep the best female, and we’re so lucky that Apple’s almost perfect. She has an adorable mark on his lip, with one side being seal and the other white, which really sets her apart from the other cats. She’s stocky, like her dam, and has lush, thick fur, like her sire. She’s also really cute.

Apple’s already best friends with her brother, Big Blue. They love playing and napping together, almost to the exclusion of the other cats. It comes from having always been together.

We have really high hopes for Apple has she looks amazing and her personality is just so sweet that Alicja simply wouldn’t let us forever-home her.


 Full Name  Apple Charny Las*PL
 Colour  RAG n 04- Seal mitted
 Birth date  15th August 2016
 Registration number  (PL)FPL LO 105770
 Microchip number  932002000544814

Funny story: We applied for her pedigree name to be “Apple Pie”, but someone made a mistake when processing the form and her certificate says only “Apple”. It’s not worth the hassle of requesting they change it, so it’ll stay Apple, but to us she’ll always be Apple Pie.



Click here to see the original pedigree document. Below is a table version with photos and links to the cats and catteries (all where available).

Working on it 🙂



Apple Pie (ragdoll litter “A”)

Alabaster Blu

When Figa gave birth to her “A” litter, we were only planning on keeping Apple Pie, but Big Blue was just so perfect, we couldn’t let him go.

When Big Blue was born, we randomly assigned him the blue neck band, so his first “name” was Blue, or “the blue kitten”. He then grew faster than his 4 brothers and it changed to Big Blue. Even after he turned out to be seal mitted, the name stuck. His pedigree name is Alabaster Blu, but I don’t think any of us have ever called him that.

Big Blue is the spitting image of his champion father, Casper. Maybe his face is a bit cuter, but it could just be that he’s younger. He’s still very white, like Casper, probably because he enjoys eating so much, which keeps his body temperature up. Or it’s genetics. It’s probably genetics 😛

Big Blue’s pedigree is excellent, his colour, pattern and conformation are near perfect and his personality is great (just don’t ask for my wife’s opinion) so we have high hopes that he’ll be an excellent boy to base our future line on. He’s really quiet and docile. He loves me (Raymond) but prefers to lay, leaning against something, and doze, looking gracious in the process. He never uses his claws or teeth in aggression and is always OK with being picked up and carried. He’s not much of a lap cat, but I don’t mind.



 Full Name  Alabaster Blu Charny Las*PL
 Colour  RAG n 04 – Seal mitted
 Birth date  15th August 2016
 Registration number  (PL)FPL LO 105771
 Microchip number  932002000544807



Click here to see the original pedigree document. Below is a table version with photos and links to the cats and catteries (all where available).

Working on it 🙂



Alabaster Blu (ragdoll litter “A”)

Ragdoll Litter “B”

On the 20th November 2016, Dalie Asi Bandini*CZ , who we're currently looking after, had 5 pretty, little kittens with Toadie. We're really looking forward to getting to know their kittens. We were right in our estimation of 5. There's a roughlt even mix of blue and seal, colorpoint and mitted.

Toadie glossy-heart   Dalie 07   Dalie 03

♂ Brilant Blue

 Name  Brilant Blue Charny Las*PL
 Gender  Male
 Color & pattern  Blue mitted
 EMS code  RAG a 04
 Nickname  White/purple necktag


Brilant Blue (ragdoll litter “B”)

Blueberry Biscuit (ragdoll litter “B”)

♂ Blueberry Biscuit

 Name  Blueberry Biscuit Charny Las*PL
 Gender  Male
 Color & pattern  Blue colorpoint
 EMS code  RAG a
 Nickname  Julian


♂ Beautiful Barrista

 Name  Beautiful Barrista Charny Las*PL
 Gender  Male
 Color & pattern  Seal colorpoint
 EMS code  RAG n
 Nickname  Grey/green necktag


Beautiful Barrista (ragdoll litter “B”)

Bella Trix (ragdoll litter “B”)

♀ Bianca Snowflake

 Name  Bianca Snowflake Charny Las*PL
 Gender  Female
 Color & pattern  Blue mitted
 EMS code  RAG a 04
 Nickname  Yellow/gold necktag


♀ Bella Trix

 Name  Bella Trix Charny Las*PL
 Gender  Female
 Color & pattern  Seal mitted
 EMS code  RAG n 04
 Nickname  Blue necktag


Bianca Snowflake (ragdoll litter “B”)


Stay tuned - I'm still working on this.

I'm just waiting on the pedigree certificates to come back on these kittens to make sure I don't make any mistakes/typos, etc.

RAG a 04
USAPurrs Gunner of Darlinlildolls
USAPurrs Ragdolls
RAG n 03
N*Ragstar's Caprize of USAPurrs
RAG n 04
USAPurrs Freedom Belle
USAPurrs Ragdolls
RAG n 03
Dalie [en/pl]
RAG n 04
Brilliancy Key*CZ
RAG a 04
Asije Lucky
Katty Arwen Lucky Amelie

Daily Weights

At Charny Las we believe that it's important to make sure our puppies and kittens are developing properly. To that end, we weigh them (almost) daily. In the name of transparency - and so you know you're getting a healthy animal - here's our measurements.

Keep in mind, we don't necessarily weigh them every day and the baby scale we use is accurate to 5 grams. This explains why the measurements sometimes go up a lot or down a bit. Also, who does the measuring, if the munchkins keep moving, or are put in a different part of the scale, can affect the measurements. Sometimes we even weigh them twice and write both measurements, which can be quite different, for the above-mentioned reasons.

What's important is that they show a general trend upward, increasing in weight regularly and appropriately.

 Day #  Date  ♂ Brilant Blue
White/purple necktag
Blue mitted
 ♀ Bella Trix
Gold/yellow necktag
Blue mitted
 ♂ Blueberry Biscuit
Brown/pink necktag
Blue colorpoint
 ♂ Beautiful Barrista
Grey/green necktag
Seal colorpoint
 ♀ Bianca Snowflake
Blue necktag
Seal mitted
 @ birth  20th Nov 2016  95g  95g  95g  115g  110/115g
 Day 1  21st  115  115  115  115  115
 Day 2  22nd  115/120  120/135  125  130  135
 Day 3  23rd  145/160  140  140  155/160  160
 Day 4  24th  165  165  165  165  165
 Day 5  25th  185  165/175  185  185  215
 Day 6  26th  215  180  180  180  205
 Day 7  27th  195/200  195  195  205  215
 Day 8  28th  205  205  205  205  205/210
 Day 9  29th  220/230  220  220  230  230
 Day 10  30th  210  210  220/225  230  220/245
 Day 11  1st Dec 2016  255  255  255  255  235
 Day 12  2nd  255  230  245  230/260  255
 Day 13  3rd  250  230  245  275  280
 Day 14  4th  290  290  290  250  290
 Day 15  5th  275  275  270  275/280  275
 Day 16  St. Nicholas' Day
 Day 17  7th  305  300/310  300  300  345
 Day 18  8th  355  300  340  355  340
 Day 19  9th  330/350  295  355  355/370  380
 Day 20  10th  345  335  370  390  390
 Day 21  11th  355  355  385  385  385
 Day 22  12th  375/385  370  405  405  405
 Day 23  13th  390/405  405/415  415  405/420  425
 Day 24  14th  400  420  420  420/435  420/430
 Day 25  15th  410  425  445  450  450
 Day 26  16th  425  425  460  460  470
 Day 27  17th  430  440  475  490  475
 Day 28  18th  44/445  455/460  500  500  520
 Day 29  19th  470  470/485  520  525/540  540
 Day 30  20th  485  505  540  540  540/550
 Day 31  21st  490  510  555  560  560/565
 Day 32  22nd  490/495  530  565  570  570
 Day 33  23rd  505  530  590  590  570
 Day 34  Christmas Eve  525  560  600  605/615  605
 Day 35  Christmas Day  545  560  620  615  600

Our Litters

Charny Las cattery and kennel is developing a solid reputation for pretty, well-adjusted kittens and puppies. We strive to find the best homes for our little monsters, and honestly want to be kept up-to-date on how they’re doing. Please, if you get one of our animals, share pictures and updates on our page (www.facebook.com/CharnyLas/) so we know how it’s going.

By preference, most of our kittens and puppies are rehomed as pets. We are willing to make a select few available to catteries/kennels, but only once we are assured that the cattery/kennel will follow FIFe/FCI rules, treat the animal ethically at all times, and give it the good life that it deserves.

Our Current Litters

Ragdoll Litter "U"



 Sire  Wasabi
 Dam  Indiana Nymph Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  June 2019
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 U...  ♀ Female  Blue colorpoint lynx  available  available
 U...  ♀ Female  Blue mitted lynx  available  available
 U...  ♀ Female  Blue mitted lynx  available  available

Ragdoll Litter "T"

glossy-heart **MATING_GIRL_INDIA**


 Sire  Dubai Charny Las*PL
 Dam  India Spice Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  22nd April 2019
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Teal <white neck tie>  ♀ Female  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  available  available  #008080
 Turquoise <blue neck tie>  ♀ Female  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  available  available  #40E0D0
 Tiffany <green neck tie>  ♀ Female  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  available  available  #81D8D0


Ragdoll Litter "S"



 King  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Queen  Charlotte's Cat Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  21st April 2019
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Singleton  ♂ Male  Blue mitted lynx  available  available

Ragdoll Litter "R"



 Sire  Dubai Gold Charny Las*PL
 Dam  Georgia Przytulanka*PL
 Plan  22nd March 2019
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Romulus  ♂ Male  Seal bicolor (high mitted)  available  available
 Remus  ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  available  available


Ragdoll Litter "Q"

glossy-heart Kiki (photo to come) 🙂


 King  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Queen  WikingerTatzens Waikiki (TICA)
 DOB  26th February 2019
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Quebo ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted) lynx  Pet  Forever-homed with Maja
 Queenie ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Cattery  Rehomed with Renata
 Quantum  ♂ Male  Blue mitted lynx (with very high mitts and a blaze so he sort of looks bicolor)  Pet  Forever-homed with Tomasz


Pomeranian Litter "F"

Micky (photo to come) glossy-heart

Last year we were lucky enough to get Nigh Rider (Micky, because he apparently looks like Micky Mouse) from a great kennel in Russia. He's black-tan over silver, so we were really eager to see what his puppies would look like. By a weird fluke, Adeline got pregnant first, and gave birth to a single puppy, again. She seems to be either wite or light cream, and we can't wait to figure out which it is.

 Sire  Night Rider
 Dam  Adeline Charny Las
 Date of Birth  3rd February 2019
 Name  Gender  Colour  Role  Status  Nickname
 Follow Your Dreams  ♀ Female  White/cream  Under observation  Under observation  Fifi (seriously! I'm so sorry though)

Ragdoll Litter "P"


After such amazing success pairing Bianca with Dragon earlier in the year, we decided it was a pairing that had to be repeated.

 Sire  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Dam  Bianca Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  6th December 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status Nickname
 Prudencja  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Sylwia
 Peloponez  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Łukasz
 Penelope  ♀ Female  Blue bicolor  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las
 Prometheus  ♂ Male  Blue mitted lynx  Pet  Forever-homed with Monika
 Pompei  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Aleksandra
 Parys  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Monika  Ashton


Ragdoll Litter "O"

glossy-heart Figa 11

Last time, we had a gorgeous success pairing our Figa with Dragon from Moje Laleczki. As both of our males are Figa's sons, we've decided to go back to Dragon again for yet more perfection.

Their kittens will all be blue because Figa and Dragon are both blue. As both are mitted (SS2)(, their kittens should be 25% colorpoint (S0S0), 50% mitted, and 25% bicolor (high mitted - S2S2). We tend to get fewer than the average bicolors, but people love mitted kittens, and we do too.

 Sire  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Dam  Figa Hold Me*PL
 Date of Birth  30th October 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Orville  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Magda  Big Boy
 Othello  ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted) lynx  available  available
 Omena  ♀ Female  Blue mitted lynx  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las
 Olivia  ♀ Female  Blue mitted lynx  Pet  Forever-homed with Paweł  Mia
 Ofelia  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Delfina

Ragdoll Litter "N"

glossy-heart Dalie 03   Dalie 07

Dalie is such a star here - consistently raising healthy, unproblematic, gorgeous kittens. It's time to pair her with Dragon from our friend Ewa Rówienicz at Moje Laleczki. Dragon is such a sweet, friendly boy that we just can't get enough of him.

We are expecting both seal and blue kittens that are colorpoint and mitted. Half should be lynx. We're really hoping for a seal lynx mitted girl for our cattery.

 Sire  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Dam  Dalie Asi Bandini, CZ
 Date of Birth  29th September 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Nikodem  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint lynx  Pet  Reserved for Krzysztof
 Night Shine  ♂ Male  Blue lynx mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Witold  Olaf
 Nala Noir  ♀ Female  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Reserved for Ewa
 Norah North  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Pet  Reserved for Mateusz Nefra
 Nelson  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Reserved for Krzysztof

Ragdoll Litter "M"

glossy-heart Kiki (photo to come) 🙂

Kiki is a really pretty import from Germany that, alas, prefers Alicja and would live in her room permanently if allowed (damn for me). We've had her for a long time now and eventually the time came to pair her with my boy, Big Blue. Big is a really strong boy and has long fur, so we're hoping that Kiki's excellent fur and lynx pattern will pair well with him.

They had three kittens, which isn't a big number, but when they were only a day old we could tell that their fur was excellent. Kiki is blue bicolor (high mitted) and Big is seal mitted, so they could, in theory, produce just about anything (with the exception of colorpoint). And, as it happens, we did get a range.

Kiki and Big both carry chocolate, so in theory, the blue boy could actually be lilac. Only a DNA test can confirm if he actually is lilac though, and it's not really worth it, so we'll register him as blue and their forever-family might be in for a pleasant surprise 🙂

 King  Alabaster Blu Charly Las*PL
 Queen  WikingerTatzens Waikiki (TICA)
 DOB  6th September 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Minnie  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Tomasz
 Melody  ♀ Female  Seal mitted lynx  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las
 Melon  ♂ Male  Blue (or possibly lilac) bicolor (high mitted)  Pet Forever-homed byMariusz on behalf of his sister, Anna

Ragdoll Litter "L"


We've been looking forward to this mating for a while now. Georgia is perhaps our best girls, on paper and Dubai is Paulina's favourite boy. He's Figa's youngest son, and has matured into an impressive boy with a kind, friendly personality. Pairing Georgia, who has beautiful eyes and hair, with Dubai, with his solid frame and pretty face, should be really exciting.

 Sire  Dubai Gold Charny Las*PL
 Dam  Georgia Przytulanka*PL
 Plan  29th August 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Langdon <light blue neck tie>  ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  available  available
 Loki  ♂ Male  Seal bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Kalina
 Lady Bird  ♀ Female  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Ola
 Love Nugget  ♀ Female  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las
 London  ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Natalia  Simba
 Lafayette  ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Maja

Ragdoll Litter "K"


OK, I'll admit to being totally biassed about this mating. We have a 1yo daughter named Nadia Charlotte, and when our "C" litter was born, we kept the best girl and named her Charlotte's Cat - and she is, she's our daughter's cat. Now that she's fully grown, mature and impressive, not to mention really sweet and in love with me, we are pairing her with our favourite boy, Dubai.

Both are blue, and while Charlotte is colorpoint (S0S0) and Dubai is bicolor (high mitted - S2S2) so all of their 8 kittens are blue mitted (SS2). It's not a diverse litter, but they're sure to be impressive, and friendly, like both of their parents.

 Sire  Dubai Gold Charny Las*PL
 Dam  Charlotte's Cat Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  28th August 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Ken Lee  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Agata  [Tulibu dibu douchoo]
 Khalid  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Jacek  version 2 :p
 Kamomile <no neck tie>  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Agata
 Kashmir  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Arek
 Kawa  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Anna and Tomasz
 Kaiah  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Olaf
 K-Pop  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Natalia  Lion
 Karmel-Love  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Aneta


Ragdoll Litter "J"


We were lucky enough to be able to mate our Apple [Pie] with Dragon from Moje Lalaczki again recently. The timing wasn't entirely of our choosing, but it resulted in 10 - ten! - amazing kittens. We are all extremely surprised and Apple is doing an amazing job of raising them.

 Sire  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Dam  Apple [Pie] Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  2nd June 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 J-Love  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Pet Forever-homed with Edyta
 Jello Shot  ♀ Female  Seal high mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Bartek
 Jasmine Flower  ♀ Female  Blue mitted w/uneven blaze  Pet  Reserved for Marta
 Jumanji  ♀ Female  Blue high mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Monika
 Joyful Star  ♂ Male  Seal mitted w/uneven blaze  Pet Forever-homed with Maria
 Johnny Depp  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  available  available
 Jelly Bean  ♀ Female  Blue high mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Michał  Mini
 Jackie Chan  ♂ Male  Seal high mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Przemek's Lena  Przemek's going to force his name to stay "the epic" Jackie Chan 😛
 Jingle Bells  ♂ Male  Blue mitted w/blaze  Pet  Forever-homed with Sylwia


Pomeranian Litter "E"

Celebration :) (photo to come) glossy-heart

Adeline is a very headstrong girl who's obsessed with Paulina. Her older (by 10 minutes) sister, Allison recently gave birth to 2 amazing puppies (orange sable and cream) and while Adeline only had a single girl, she looks really strong and pretty, with a dark (possibly black) face to her orange-sable coat. This is because Adeline's coat is quite a dark shade of orange-sable, and so is her boyfriend's, Celebration - thank you Anna.

 Sire  Dan-Star-Kom Celebration Wspólny Dom
 Dam  Adeline Charny Las
 Date of Birth  5th June 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour  Role  Status  Nickname
 Electric Beauty  ♀ Female  Orange-sable  available  available

Our Planned Litters

Our Historical Litters

Ragdoll Litter "I"


We recently paired our Figa and Apple with Dragon from Moje Laleczki, and while he was here, a miracle happened as it seems Bianca is pregnant. We'd been trying to foster a love connection between Binca and our 'main' boy, Big Blue for a long time but they don't get along well. We'd almost given up hoping for kittens from Bianca in 2018, but Dragon came to the rescue, and we're really excited about it - Bianca is stunning, has such a great, healthy shape and lovely personality (obsessed with Paulina, as she is). Their kittens should be heart-melters.

 Sire  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Dam  Bianca Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  2nd April 2018

Bianca and Dragon are both blue mitted, so all of the kittens will be blue, and they should be 25% colorpoint, 50% mitted and 25% bicolor (high mitted). About half should be lynx, from Dragon.

 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status
 Indiego Blu  ♂ Male  Blue mitted lynx  Pet  Forever-homed with Dominkia
 India Spice  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las
 Incredible Boy  ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las
 Iris Messenger  ♀ Female  Blue mitted w/blaze  Pet  Forever-homed with Luiza
 Indiana Nymph  ♀ Female  Blue mitted lynx  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las
 Ignatio Deity  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint lynx  Cattery  Forever-homed with Birgitte

Ragdoll Litter "H"

glossy-heart Figa 11

We recently paired Figa's daughter, Apple, with Dragon from Moje Laleczki (thank you to Ewa Rówienicz) and we love him so much that we've used him with Figa too.

 Sire  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Dam  Figa Hold Me*PL
 Date of Birth  21st February 2018

We expected colorpoint, mitted and bicolor (high mitted) kittens, and got roughly the numbers you'd expect, based on their patterns. We usually end up with fewer bicolors than chance would suggest. They are all blue, because both parents are blue.

 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Hermione  ♀ Female  Blue bicolor (high mitted)
w/uneven nose pattern
 Pet  Forever-homed with Marcin
 Hebe  ♀ Female  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Kasia
 Habibi Nila  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Cattery  Forever-homed with Magdalena
 Helios  ♂ Male  Blue mitted lynx
w/white spot on his nose
 Pet  Forever-homed with Jacek
 Hersonissos  ♂ Male  Blue mitted lynx  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las  Hersy
 Helen of Troy  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Cattery  Retained by Charny Las  Helena
 Hercules  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Agnieszka  Pączek


Ragdoll Litter "G"

glossy-heart Dalie 03   Dalie 07

We're really excited about this pairing of our 'main' girl, Dalie, with our big boy, Big Blue. Dalie is, without a doubt, our 'best' queen - meaning that she's given us many of our most amazing, trophy-winning kittens. Big Blue is our first king, born to our other 'old gal', Figa. They're both excellent queens, if very different, so this litter is really important to us. Below is our current best guess at the patterns of the kittens. They're still young however, and we might be wrong. They're even still too young to guess at their colours, but most will be seal as both parents are seal. Both carry blue however, so there's probably a blue hiding in there somewhere. Ignore the very old photos here. I really should update the photos sometime soon 😛

 Sire  Alabaster Blue Charny Las*PL
 Dam  Dalie Asi Bandini, CZ
 Date of Birth  30th January 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Grace Kelly  ♀ Female  Seal mitted w/blaze  Pet  Forever-homed with Anna
 GalileoGalilei  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Justyna  Miłek
 Ginny Weasley  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Diana
 Gary Oldman  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Paulina  [Marvel's] The Vision
 George Orwell  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Beata  Figiel
 Greta Garbo  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Monika
 Gandalf the Grey  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Katarzyna

Ragdoll Litter "F"


2018 will be an exciting year for Charny Las. Our 1st puppy, Allison, is having puppies, and our first kitten, Apple has now also had kittens. We found an amazing boy in Dragon from Ewa Rówienicz and we plan on using him a few times in the near future. Apple is seal mitted and Dragon is Blue lynx mitted, so we're expecting her 3 boys and 3 girls to be pretty much anything. We're really excited about our 1st generation-3 kittens from Apple. Below is our current best guess at the colours and patterns of the kittens. They're still young however, and we might be wrong. We also don't know yet which are lynx. This pattern will only show through at two months or more.

 Sire  Dragon Moje Laleczki*PL
 Dam  Apple [Pie] Charny Las*PL
 Date of Birth  23rd January 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status  Nickname
 Flash n' Dash "Gherkin"  ♂ Male  Seal mitted lynx  Pet  Forever-homed with Magda  Marlo
 Frida "Furby" Khalo  ♀ Female  Chocolate mitted (high mitted)  available  available  Zgredneck
 Faun Fantasy  ♂ Male  Seal bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Dorota
 Felicia Lilly  ♀ Female  Lilac bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Dorota  Snow White
 Freya FuzzB  ♀ Female  Seal mitted w/blaze  Pet  Forever-homed with Teresa
 Fuzzy Wuzzy  ♂ Male  Seal mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Ania

Pomeranian Litter "D"


Sweeta is a very special girl (because she loves me the most!), and we've found an equally special white boy for her. We're Ula Mendak's White Dream again, as we did with Allison. Personally, I'm really excited to see how Sweeta's puppies develop next to Allison's as it'll show us a lot about how different mothers/lines produce different features, personality traits, colours, etc. I like the science of it as much as the little bundles of squawks.

 Sire  EL White Dream Fantazja Szpic-Moll
 Dam  Sweeta Fantazja Szpic-Moll
 Date of Birth  Sunday January 7th 2018
 Name  Gender  Colour  Role  Status
 Dream Chaser (The Rock, Brick)   ♂ Male  Orange  Available  Available
 Dark Miracle Lady  ♀ Female  Black tan  Kennel  Retained by Charny Las
 Desert Rose  ♀ Female  Orange  Pet  Forever-homed with Marek
 Dance with Me  ♀ Female  Orange  Available  Available

Pomeranian Litter "C"


 Sire  EL White Dream Fantazja Szpic-Moll
 Dam  Allison Charny Las
 Date of Birth  Tuesday 2nd January 2018

This is one of the most personally exciting litters for our young kennel. Allison is the first puppy born to us, being our first dog, Kasi's first puppy. We're really proud of her. She's really lovely (and prefers me!!! :P) and has a really unique, sweet look to her. We're proud to be able to use our friend Ula Mendak's boy, White Dream. He's a pretty, medium-sized boy with a great pedigree and nice personality.

 Name  Gender  Colour  Role  Status  Adoptive Name
 Crème brûlée   ♂ Male  Cream  Pet  Forever-homed with Patrycja  Max
 Café au lait  ♀ Female  Orange  Kennel  Retained by Charny Las  

Ragdoll Litter "E"


We paired our lovely Georgia with our main boy, Big Blue. It was somewhat of a pleasant surprise, to be honest.
Georgia is from a slow maturing line while Big Blue is from our girl Figa's fast-maturing line. With Georgia's fine, elegant look and Blue's strong, muscular build, their kittens should be very interesting.

 Sire  Alabaster Blue Charny Las*PL
 Dam  Georgia Przytulanka*PL
 Date of Birth  22nd October 2017
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status
 Easy to Love  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Sylwia
 Equador Gold  ♂ Male  Seal bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Maja
 Endywia Leaf  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Paulina
 Elli Tail  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Aneta and Co.
 Enter-prize  ♂ Male  Seal bicolor (high mitted)  Pet  Forever-homed with Kuba

Ragdoll Litter "D"

glossy-heart Figa 11

 Sire  JUSTIN MINSTREL Blue Miracle*CZ vel Czesio
 Dam  FIGA Hold Me*PL
 Date of Birth  Thursday 10th August 2017
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status
 Dirt Devil (Desperado)  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Agata
 Dionysus  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Magda
 Dolce Vita  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Magdalena
 Dandys Boy  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Sylwia
 Damascus Dates (Aslan)  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Małgorzata's 3 sons
 Dubai Gold  ♂ Male  Blue bicolor (high mitted)  Cattery  Retained at Charny Las

Pomeranian Litter "B"

glossy-heart Kasi 02

 Sire  BLACK BIS Fantazja Szpic-Moll
 Dam  KASI Gingers Happiness
 Date of Birth  Thursday August 3rd 2017
 Name  Gender  Colour  Role  Status
 Bebe Rexha  ♀ Female  Ligt Orange Sable  Kennel  Retained at Charny Las

Ragdoll Litter "C"

glossy-heart Dalie 03   Dalie 07

 Sire  ICH ERYK Koci Szarm*PL (ERIK on his pedigree document, but Zofia calls him Eryk :P)
 Dam  Dalie Asi Bandini*CZ
 Date of Birth  4th July 2017
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status
 Carmel C-Gull  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Cattery  Rehomed with Daniela at Wikinger-Tatzen
 Charlotte's Cat  ♀ Female  Blue colorpoint  Cattery  Retained at Charny Las
 Cedric's Dragon  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever homed with Agata
 Cutie Overload   ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever homed with Magda
 Crystal Light  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever homed with Magda
 Catnip Evergreen  ♀ Female  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever homed with Arkadiusz
 Cindy Catford  ♀ Female  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever homed with Natalia
 Cinnamon Scroll  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Forever homed with Barbara

Ragdoll Litter "B"

Toadie glossy-heart Dalie 03   Dalie 07

 Dam  Dalie Asi Bandini*CZ
 Date of Birth  20th November 2016
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status
 Brilant Blue  ♂ Male  Blue mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Aleksandra
 Bianca Snowflake  ♀ Female  Blue mitted  Cattery  Retained at Charny Las
 Blueberry Biscuit  ♂ Male  Blue colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Paweł & his brother
 Beautiful Barrista  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Anna
 Bella Trix  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Elena

Ragdoll Litter "A"

glossy-heart Figa 11

 Sire  ICH CASPER Koci Szarm*PL
 Dam  FIGA Hold Me*PL
 Date of Birth  15th August 2016
 Name  Gender  Colour & pattern  Role  Status
 Apple Pie  ♀ Female  Seal mitted  Cattery  Retained at Charny Las
 Alabaster Blu  ♂ Male  Seal mitted  Cattery  Retained at Charny Las
 Addicted to Love  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Monika
 Andromeda Nights  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed with Dorota
 Alpine Milkshake  ♂ Male  Seal mitted  Pet  Forever-homed with Agata
 Ambassador Grey  ♂ Male  Seal colorpoint  Pet  Forever-homed withRafał

Pomeranian Litter "A"

glossy-heart Kasi 02

 Sire  "Harry" HEARTBREAKER Fantazja Szpic-Moll (FCI)
 Dam  KASI Gingers Happiness
 Date of Birth  Friday June  10th 2016
 Name  Gender  Colour  Role  Status
 Allison Wonderdog  ♀ Female  Orange  Kennel  Retained at Charny Las
 August Fur-Play  ♂ Male  Orange / cream  Pet  Forever-homed with Vivian
 Adeline Fairy-Tail  ♀ Female  Orange / sable  Kennel  Retained at Charny Las


sweetie-2Sweeta (it’s actually Sweetie, but with Polish rules applied to the name) is our fourth pom. She’s the most amazing “little” girl you’ll ever see and at only 9 months old is already champion material. Just look at her 🙂

She’s about 22cm at the shoulder, has a strong physique anda beautiful, thick and rich coat. She has a wonderful, gentle nature (and is already obsessed with me – yay).

She came to us from Fantasy Spitz-Moll – led by Ms Urszula Mendak. Thank you very much for such a wonderful dog.



Full Name SWEETA Fantazja Szpic-Moll (FCI)
Colour Orange
Birth date 1st January 2016


Dog Shows – Coming Soon



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SWEETA Fantazja Szpic-Moll