About Us

Welcome to the Charny Las kennel and cattery.

Our passion is for Miniature Pomeranian dogs and Ragdoll cats [and maybe Phalenes in the near future, if I can talk my wife into it].

Charny Las is located close to Warsaw, Poland.

We are members of the Polish Kennel Club (FCI) and belong to 1SMK (roughly translated as Cat Fanciers, Single), which is affiliated with Felis Polonia (FPL), which is the only Polish member of the world’s largest International Feline Federation – Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).

Our puppies are available from the age of 8-weeks and our kittens from the age or 12-weeks. The little ones need this much time with their mothers for weaning, socialising and bonding.

Our puppies and kittens to go to their new homes with:

  • A health booklet (including vaccination history and microchip ID number)
  • A certificate of origin, issued by the Kennel Club, from which a pedigree certificate can be issued (for puppies)
  • A pedigree certificate, issued by the FPL (for kittens)
  • An instruction “manual” 🙂
  • A contract of sale

They are always:

  • Fully vaccinated and dewormed.
  • HCM neg., PKD-neg., FELV-neg., FIV-neg., Mycoplasma felis-neg., Streptococcus canis-neg., Chlamydophila felis-neg. (for kittens).

2015-07-18 19.14.49Who are we?

We’re an Australian-Polish, mixed family. My name’s Raymond. I “run” the cattery while my wife officially runs the kennel, with her daughter, Alicja. We love all furry animals, but especially poms and radolls, and of course our sweet Chihuahuas.

Please check out our website and “us”. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we’re always willing to share information.

Why “Charny Las”?

Well, I’m Australian, which basically means I grew up in a “normal” house, with a garden and occasionally, a cat (Fred) and dog (Sheeba). That’s just what you do in Australia. On moving to Poland, I lived in a few flats for half a decade or so, so when the 3 of us decided to get Kasi, our pomeranian showdog, we opted to move out of the big smokes and find a bigger place with a garden. Somewhere for Kasi to run around and have fun.

I’m a logical, technical person at heart. Back in Australia I worked as a network and telephone systems administrator. It’s a far cry from breeding tiny, pretty dogs and huge, majestic cats. I’m also a people-person however, and an author, and a collector. To me, 2 dogs are better than 1, and 3 are better than 2. More fun for not much more foot space on the bed (poms are tiny). Breeding them was just the next, logical step…

Daisy 01From her early childhood Paulina loved animals – especially dogs and cats. She spend every holidays and weekends at her grandparents’, living in the countryside. It’s thanks to them that she learned about the life of livestock as an important role in life and how much hard work you have to put into their breeding. It taught her a lot. First of all, a respect for animals and hard labour. Her grandparents, unfortunately, are no longer with us, but they left her only beautiful memories and a great love for animals.

Chutney 02As an adult already, she occasionally visited dog and cat shows, and caught the bug…

Before Paulina and I met, she made a promise to Alicja that they’d get a dog. When we came together it was this promise that led us to get our first dog together – a (mostly, we think… probably) chihuahua named Daisy. From there, Chutney and Molly followed, and then Kasi. And with that, Charny Las was born.

Breeding dogs and cats in an ethical manner is a time-consuming art that requires many sacrifices, much knowledge and endless patience. In addition to providing the basic necessities of life for the animals, we have to be sure to provide adequate space to maintain their good physical and mental condition. Dogs need a lot of space, while cats in addition to space to play and room to move, they need to define their own territories. For these reasons, we decided to move from Warsaw to a small village called Czarny Las (literal translation – Black Forest), to be able to provide our family members with the best conditions.

The kennel and cattery are registered separately, but both are named “Charny Las”, which is the of the name of the village where we live. Due to the fact that we’re an Australian-Polish family, we decided to slightly modify the spelling, to emphasise the cross-cultural/linguistic nature of our kennel and cattery.



Charny Las is a proud member of Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce ZKwP which is a member of Fédération Cynologique Internationale


Charny Las is a proud member of the SMK Jedynka cat club SMK1 is a member of Felis Polonia Felis Polonia is a member of Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFE)

Beware of dodgy breeders with spurious affiliations

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